Have Americans Given Up?

December 30, 2014
Date written: 2013
Written for: Vt newspapers editorial pages
Published? I'm not sure

Politically I’m a fiscal conservative, social moderate, and environmental liberal—in that order of priority.  I’ve been confused and frustrated by the direction of Vermont and US governance for a long time, and have lost confidence in the power of my vote. 

Hundreds of bills get introduced in our state legislature each year—thousands in Congress—many of them outrageously lengthy and complicated.  Keeping track is impossible for an ordinary citizen so we must rely on political groups to tell us what bills are important and even what they mean.  Usually red flags go up AFTER a bill becomes law.

I think a lot of Americans feel as I do—our governance system is broken when we see increasing debt and taxes, a stalled economy, inflation and political deals/coverups regardless of which party is in power.  Most of us now shrug our shoulders and feel the situation is beyond our control, too complex to figure out, so we vote blindly by political color if we bother to vote at all.

We need to change the way we use our vote.  We need to vote not for people who have vague political beliefs but who represent actual bills.  We need to get a few things done each election cycle that have the electorate’s stamp of approval.

Let’s start this process with a 2014 campaign to update the state and federal constitutions with simply written, major changes.  Political think tanks can use their Facebook’s “Like” feature to see what simple changes their members want most. 

2014 candidates then pledge to support specific constitutional changes as their major accomplishment in office.  The campaign then centers on the strength of actual bills rather than on petty personality or vague ideology.

Check out www.votekiss.org for an example of voting to keep it short and simple.


Spin words

December 30, 2014
Date written: 8/31/14
Written to: Editor, Santa Cruz Sentinel

       Left or right, I hate when politicians use spin words to try and win their argument.  When the world was experiencing 20 years of hot weather "global warming" screamed from the headlines. It was quietly retired after a few years of cold weather followed, and "climate change" was inserted in its place--used as if climate change wasn't a natural phenomenon.  As an environmental liberal I applaud their motives but deplore their t...

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Mean spirited zealot should look in the mirror

December 30, 2014
Date written: 12/27/14
Written to: editor, Santa Cruz Sentinel
Reason for rebuttal: memorial for my recently deceased father, Harry J. Davis, a big fan of Krauthammer's

           Peter Nichols in the December 26 opinion page stated Charles Krauthammer is "not bound by any commitment to truth...and has almost nothing in common with Santa  Cruz."
        Wikipedia noted that Krauthammer was a highly successful psychiatrist before turning to political commentary--initially as a liberal in the early...

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Beginning VoteKISS Blog

December 30, 2014
Everyone else seems like they're blogging their personal thoughts online these days; I thought I'd start posting my thoughts on political opinions, events, and ideas I come across that spark a response from me.  I'll go back through my computer files and post old letters to the editor, etc. to get a handle on where I was and where I am now.

I currently feel this is all a waste of time and nothing a "small" person can say or do will influence world events.  But like my son-in-law, Sani Obhodas ...
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Laurel LaFramboise I'm 66 years old in 2020! I'm coming to accept that I'll make no earth-shattering accomplishments in my life, having tried (and failed) at launching some pretty far-fetched ideas (like VoteKISS), projects (like running for US Senator), and career moves (like raising and butchering meat birds). I've (almost) been content to be my grandchildren's baby sitter for the last 6 years, but hubby's retired and wants me by his side now that the grandchildren are no longer babies. So we've begun the life of Snowbirds (winter in FL, summer in VT). NEVER know what you'll be when you grow up!