Whether it’s economic, political, emotional or physical, we are all slaves in one way or another since we are not completely free to choose our own destiny.  The idea that skin color is the only thing that defines slavery is as ludicrous as the idea that there is only one type of vice in the world. Peasant, serf, or slave, 99% of humanity since we became a species has had few life choices under our control.  Our country’s founders changed that: most Americans believe they have a lot of personal freedom to make choices for themselves about how and where they live.  ANYTHING that reduces that freedom increases our serfdom.  Big Brother, Big Tech, Man in the High Castle, Deep State, whatever you want to call overzealous bureaucracy or heavy handed institutions can be our Masters just as surely as the plantation owners of old.  Let us not surrender our hard earned freedoms to such as these just to make life easier for ourselves or “fairer” to others.