I'm writing this as the Left has gone crazy trying to eradicate the Right: censorship by Big Tech, another impeachment attempt with establishment RINOs climbing onboard, mainstream media furiously lambasting a riot for the first time in a year full of riots.

What can we do, those of us who voted for Trump to drain the Swamp, when the Swamp seems so all powerful?  We need to train our national "big guns"--Trump, talk radio/TV hosts, and conservative news websites--on local and state politics, as the Left has outflanked us and taken the rear.  Just a handful of Dem run cities and their corrupt election systems stole the presidency and the senate from us; we need to start the next battle using state and local militia led by our national generals.

How to fight a monopoly?  Rush showed the way 32 years ago:
   1.  Choose a communication medium the Dems don't control
   2.  Provide a quality product your audience will love
   3.  Promote the Hell out of it nationally through rallies and other ways Dems don't control

My solution is for one big gun (Trump, Rush, Breitbart) to design a website for TWO-WAY conservative communication and then FRANCHISE IT: one website franchise for each state and each congressional district. The franchises would be locally owned and operated, but the national site would manage branding, promotion, and quality control.  Users, however, would see only 1 website with tabs for national, state, and local political commentary.  

The websites would be funded by conservative business sponsors at each level, as well as by paid membership.  Members and sponsors would receive perks (based on their level of membership) ranging from voting in polls and surveys, providing commentaries and opinion editorials, to participating in website management decisions.

The ultimate goals of this network of conservative commentary websites are to:
   1.  Communicate to locals what conservative ideals and actions look like
   2.  Replace the existing polling system (which is inaccurate and biased) with the opinions of every member of the network as expressed through polls and surveys developed by conservative leadership at each level of government
   3.  Convert the above opinions into actionable agendas that are championed by political candidates who are then promoted by the websites during primary season.

Offering a simple, standard conservative political website for all levels of government AND offering We the People a chance to have a voice in the political process other than to vote for a letter after someone's name is a quality product that will draw an audience like flies on you-know-what!