Date written: 12/27/14
Written to: editor, Santa Cruz Sentinel
Reason for rebuttal: memorial for my recently deceased father, Harry J. Davis, a big fan of Krauthammer's

           Peter Nichols in the December 26 opinion page stated Charles Krauthammer is "not bound by any commitment to truth...and has almost nothing in common with Santa  Cruz."
        Wikipedia noted that Krauthammer was a highly successful psychiatrist before turning to political commentary--initially as a liberal in the early '80s, then a moderate, now a conservative (his metamorphosis caused, he says, by his training as a doctor—if the treatment’s not working, don’t keep using it!).  He's won a Pulitzer Prize for commentary and his recent book is a best seller.  Many powerful people on both sides of our crazy political fence consider him a brilliant and highly influential commentator.  He’s done all this from a wheelchair.  This is the man Mr. Nichols calls a mean spirited, right-wing zealot?
           I do hope most people in this county and country welcome the sage and unique advice of an intelligent man who continues to choose his own political path, regardless of the mean-spirited opinions of true political zealots.