When I told Drew Montez Clark https://drewmontezclark.com/ about the 3 legged stool of conservatism--defend the constitution, reduce government, put citizens first--he noted the seat that holds them together is God.  Politics may be the vehicle but religion, as defined as belief in God and His purpose for us, is the driver.

We need only look at the beauty of creation to know that God is Good; we need only think of the vastness of the universe to know that God is Powerful; we need only gaze into our newborn’s sleeping face to know that God is Love.  Whether or not you believe He came to us in the form of Jesus Christ to clarify His purpose is just icing on the cake.  I think Jesus’ message--love God, others, yourself as your purpose in God’s Plan--makes life easier because it gives us solid, simple guidance.  We need to stop following the threads and step back to view the miracle of the whole garment.

Our founders knew that without a firm religious foundation a republic cannot exist.  A republic requires us to trust in a higher power, trust in the basic goodness of our fellow man (with some restraints on our self interests), and trust in a governmental system to dispense justice.  Without those 3 things our republic will fall apart.  

We are witnessing the destruction of our republic because all three of those requirements are falling apart.  I don’t know why so many people believe the opposite of those requirements, but we must fight to change their minds if we wish to save our republic.