My daughter e-mailed me a quote from Arnold Schwarzenegger stating we should follow the “experts’” advice about Covid-19.  When you find fewer people voicing your opinion it means you’re misinformed.  Here’s what I wrote back:

A totalitarian government owns all the experts and stifles all dissent.  Last year Fauci went on record saying masks were unnecessary and the shutdown need only be for a month or two.  Now he's saying Trump forced him to say that--I don't trust anyone who will lie to hold his position of authority--whether he lied then or now.


When you find the group that you trust (because although you aren't an expert in everything you know enough to trust your own instincts) growing smaller because their speech is being suppressed, you know that Big Brother is closer than you feared!  In George Orwell's book "1984" (written in 1949) he said "The party told you to reject the evidence of your eyes and ears. It was their final, most essential command."  My eyes and ears tell me Covid 19 is a political tool of a totalitarian left trying to scare people into submission.  With a 99.8% recovery rate we shouldn't need vaccines except for the most vulnerable.  We shouldn't be shutting down the economy--CA has the hardest shutdown and the highest hospitalizations: California remains the highest among states with hospitalizations. According to data last updated Jan. 20, the state had 20,062 people in the hospital for COVID-19. That’s about 1,300 less than reported last week. 


Don't let the wind drive you onto the shoals.  Use the power of the wind to chart your own course.  That's why I keep pushing VoteKISS, keep pushing conservative policies (which Trump used to dramatically improve the economy, end wars, and start bringing peace to the Middle East) and hopefully will triumph over Leftist propaganda that has made the color of your skin, your sex, your situation the defining characteristic of their politics.


What are conservative values?  

  1. Love God (however you worship your Creator), Love your Country (and all within it), and Love Yourself (no matter the color of your skin, your sex, your situation--you aren't a victim because you are equally loved by God and given equal opportunity under U.S. law).  Love is patient and kind, forgiving and hopeful; it isn't proud and self-centered, ill-mannered and irritable.

  2. Defend the US and state constitutions as originally intended and amended because it was a God-given blessing bestowed on us and many, many people have died defending it and worked tirelessly to improve on it!

  3. Reduce the power, size, and cost of government at all levels because government is FORCE; it is the opposite of FREEDOM.  It is only tolerated because we are a sinful species and force is often necessary to protect us from ourselves.  However, absolute power corrupts absolutely--the Swamp is proof of that!

Thank you for sharing and allowing me the opportunity to express my opposition to Arnie's advice.