Do I reject white supremacy?  I reject the entire Democrat party premise that this nation is divided by our skin color.  I reject the idea that anyone is better or worse than anyone else, or even that anyone is better or worse OFF simply because of their skin color in this country.  I believe there is only one race, the HUMAN race, created by God and given by Him the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.  This is a belief I share with the founders of this country, that is written in our founding documents.

Having said that, I believe the human race fell from God’s grace a long time ago, so we struggle with individual sins, vices, addictions that make it impossible for us to be perfect--individually or collectively as a nation.  Therefore there will ALWAYS be imperfections, inequities, injustices in our lives, in this country and in this world. However, just as we must struggle to not let our individual vices define us but instead pursue a life that will please God, as a nation we should not let inequities define us but instead pursue policies that make us proud to be American.  

I believe the heated political rhetoric has lately obscured the fact that all Americans want to pursue policies that make us feel proud to be American.  Instead of focusing on those policies, however, the political parties and their supporters have resorted to character assassination of both individuals and groups, with the result that few Americans feel proud to be American.  What can we do as individuals to restore a healthy national relationship?

  1. LOVE.   Jesus summed up the entire Bible in one sentence: love your God, love your neighbor, love yourself.  Paul explained what love is and isn’t: love is patient, kind, forgiving, hopeful, eternal; love isn’t jealous, conceited, proud, self-centered, irritable, ill-mannered.  Strive individually to exhibit love as much as you can, and our nation will reflect that individual effort.

  2. FOUNDATION:  Jesus warned us that we must build our house on a firm foundation or it will be swept away when adversity strikes.  Our country was built on a firm foundation, for its founders believed in God and His gifts to humanity, but also on the knowledge of human failings and the preventive measures needed to counteract them.  If we weaken either of these pillars of our nation, we weaken the foundation of our nation.  Interpreting freedom OF religion as freedom FROM religion, as has been the liberal viewpoint for nearly a century, is a grave mistake.  Recent liberal attacks on our country’s founding, describing it as flawed because our founders were flawed, is another grave mistake.  Finally, attempts to destroy elements of our culture considered racist, sexist, homophobic, etc. is based on the false premise that you can erase sin, vice, addictions merely by removing a name or a statue or a group or a law.  If we lose our shared belief in the basic tenets of this country, we lose our country.

  3. SOLUTIONS.  If we spend all our time defining our problems and focusing on our vices, we will never get around to fixing them.  Our current political strategy requires solutions (bills) to be battered beyond being readable let alone understandable by the time they are put into action as law.  It is time we change strategies by adopting VoteKISS, forcing politicians to stand for concrete solutions rather than vague promises or mudslinging invectives.