I've   been living in Denver for 4 years now and received my first voting packet for local office: city mayor and city council.  I was shocked to discover every candidate was listed as "non-partisan", meaning no affiliation to a political party.  I'm typical of most Americans, I think, in that I'm not that knowledgeable on local issues.  However, I gamely tried to research what the candidates believed, and for the most part found a couple of paragraphs that almost universally claimed "affordable housing" as their most pressing issue, a list of meaningless job positions previously held, and of course touting themselves as the most worthy candidate.

I ended up not voting for any city council position or for mayor, because I refuse to vote for someone who probably doesn't represent my core political values: less government intervention in the lives of its constituents means more personal freedom for those constituents (but on the negative side also means more personal responsibility which can lead to personal failure).

This experience made me realize how the Left continues to control most of the big cities--by eliminating competition simply by not allowing that competition to advertise its existence.  They are now working to make this a national trend by eliminating free speech in the name of eliminating "hate speech" and requiring "politically correct" behavior.  California is trying to eliminate Trump on the ballot by requiring his tax returns to be made public.  These Orwellian tactics are becoming frighteningly mainstream.

I believe we need to add to the VoteKISS constitutional amendment.  We need to add that ALL political candidates in the United States MUST be a member of at least one registered political party that:
  1.  Must maintain a website that clearly states its basic political beliefs (planks); states political solutions to its most pressing political issues; and publicly tracks the political activities of office holders that list it as a party member.
  2. Must have at least one member (ie I am a member of the VoteKISS party--right now I am its only member!).  
  3. Requires affiliated political candidates to include its name next to theirs on the ballot. 
For example, I am a member of two parties, and as a candidate on the ballot I would have VoteKISS Republican following my name.  This gives voters a clear idea of what my basic political beliefs are.  For more info they need only visit the websites of these two organizations to learn more and to track how closely I followed those beliefs if elected.

In this way voters will be able to quickly identify the candidate that most closely resembles their personal political beliefs and can track how closely elected officials follow the political beliefs they claim to hold.