Here's an update on how political parties can use VoteKISS to focus on issues rather than politicians.

 I envision the Republican National Committee (RNC) designing a website template that is duplicated in all 435 congressional districts.  The RNC manages the back end (security and IT) while its local affiliates run the front end (content tailored to local politics).  Everyone can view the websites but only members (registered Republicans who voted in the previous election) can vote.  There are pages for federal, state, and local voting. 

At the beginning of each election cycle, members vote for their 3 top issues at each government level from lists developed by the RNC, conservative think tanks, or other method. After a few months the top 3 issues are each given a list of solutions, each with a measurable outcome, for members to choose from.  Once 3 issues each with a top solution (or two) are chosen by members, a bill for each issue is drawn up using the VoteKISS template: short voter summary describing what the bill does, an executive section that describes the purpose (why), and a longer administrative section that describes how the bill will be administered, including how its effectiveness will be measured and publicly displayed.

VoteKISS candidates will then sign the contracts and run against traditional (non-contract) Republicans in the primary. Voters can distinguish VoteKISS republicans by an additional letter (V) before the (R).  In 2020, perhaps the bills and contract process can be done at the Republican National Convention!