The first step in taking back the People’s constitutional right to determine how we will be governed is to get rid of the “good old boy” network in Washington. Yes, the baby may be thrown out with the bathwater—I’m sure there are some well intentioned folks in Washington right now—but the system is so rotten I don’t think Baby should want to stay in the bathwater.

Each member of the House and one third of the Senate is elected every two years; imagine if most of us voted in 2022 for someone who, in writing, promises to vote “NO” on all bills until the reforms listed at right are enacted.

Unlike the Republican “Contract With America” in the mid 1990’s, this isn’t a party-sponsored event. It’s a grass roots response aimed at one thing all Americans can agree on: governmental perks and big money campaigning have turned even the best meaning representatives into money-grubbers. Solve this one problem and other problems can be dealt with more easily.

Below, briefly, are the reforms.

  1. Constitutional interpretation restrictions; no transfer of power allowed
  2. Citizen rights added: environment, education, living wage & safety net for those who can't work, equal opportunity; each with restrictions
  3. Judicial reforms 
  4. Fed employee compensation tied to private sector; 8 day work week
  5. Campaign SPENDING restrictions
  6. Congressional term limits, increased qualifications, presidential teamwork
  7. Virtual Congressional sessions
  8. Short and simply written bills
  9. End gerrymandering and other unfair voting practices; eliminate voter fraud
  10. Federal government monetary policy requirements:  modified gold standard, 100% deposit reserve for banks, no unfunded mandates,  a sane budget process (including balanced budget), restrictions on marketplace interference, and elimination of the income tax.

 CLICK HERE to read a draft US Constitutional Amendment that includes these reforms

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