Candidates for Congress can sign a VoteKISS contract--whether you're Democrat, Republican, minor party, or Independent!  If you believe this country would be better off with an updated US Constitution and comprehensive reform rather than futilely arguing about specific problems:

  1.  Download  the VoteKISS contract at right
  2. Fill it out and sign it
  3. Scan and send it or mail it as noted at the bottom of the contract
  4. Forward the contract to your friends and family--they may want to be a candidate in 2022
Candidates for State Representative can develop 3 VoteKISS bills that reflect what most voters in your state would consider acceptable solutions to their three biggest issues.  See Vermont's VoteKISS bills (in draft form at present) .  You don't have to be a lawyer to write a draft bill, but it would be helpful to have legal help and input from others to finalize the draft.

Then develop a contract similar to the congressional contract at right that lists YOUR STATE'S VoteKISS bill solutions and requires candidates to ONLY vote for those bills as written.  By limiting voting to those 3 bills voters know exactly what will pass into law and don't have to trust the candidate's judgement.  If a VoteKISS representative decides to vote for something other than the 3 bills, voters can decide whether (s)he deserves their trust in the next election.

 CLICK HERE to view the federal contract

vote KISS federal contract 2014.docx vote KISS federal contract 2014.docx
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CLICK HERE to view the Vermont state contract

vote KISS Vt contract 2014.docx vote KISS Vt contract 2014.docx
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  1.  Contact VoteKISS: sorry, disabled due to current political climate!
  2. Provide your physical address so that we know which district you reside in, or if you know it provide your district as well as state.  You may also visit
  3. We'll e-mail you the name(s) of candidates in your district who have signed the VoteKISS contract.
  4. Tell all your friends and family about VoteKISS (yes, I know most people DON'T want to hear about politics--but VoteKISS BY-PASSES POLITICS!) 
  5. Wait for November and CHANGE THE WAY YOU VOTE!!!
  6. Thank you.