Vision: Change Government to be Sensible, Solvent, and Responsive by Changing the Way We Vote

VoteKISS shall meet its vision to transform government by:

1. Asking conservative leaders at every level of government to design simply written and concise bills they feel would solve our most pressing ISSUES.

2. Asking ordinary people to become candidates for federal and state legislatures after signing a contract to ONLY pass no more than three pre-written bills each election cycle if elected.  No campaigning, fund raising, or expenditures allowed for individual candidates.  No politics if elected!

3. Asking voters to choose candidates who represent written solutions to their most pressing ISSUES rather than by party affiliation.

If a majority of voters agree on the written solution to their most pressing ISSUE, that solution will become law without negotiation, special influence, or wasted time.  If they don't, no legislation will pass into law (yes!).

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