2020 Healthcare Reform Bill 

  1. Revoke Public Law 111-148, popularly referred to as "Obamacare"
  2. Caps on doctor/hospital/pharmaceutical  liability; federal government  investigates and publicizes complaints; doctor organizations standardize practices for common procedures; consumer advocacy groups publish average costs for procedures and doctor/hospital consumer satisfaction ratings.
  3. Living wage includes healthcare benefit
    1. Health & Retirement Savings Account (owned by employee) automatically  deducted  from pay as % of income and number of dependents; employee pays minor health bills from this; unused health savings spill into retirement savings.
    2. Catastrophic health/disability/long term care private insurance premiums paid by employer, cap determined by % of full time employment (no greater than $XM/person portable lifetime cap)
  4. Private insurance pays all non-cosmetic, non-recreational  patient-approved healthcare bills between deductible and cap; patient budgets lifetime healthcare dollars.  Medicare pays private catastrophic insurance premiums (with lifetime cap) for retirees and disabled but insureds must pay annual minimum deductible and budget lifetime healthcare dollars; medicaid pays for indigent retirees and disabled who are over cap. 
  5. Unemployed use retirement savings, free clinics run by non-profits, or appeal to charity for medical funding.  


2020 Fairtax Bill 

  1.  National consumption (sales) tax replaces federal income tax
    1. ALL federal taxes on income GONE
    2. Payroll withholding GONE
    3. IRS & its invasive tax code GONE
    4. Loopholes GONE
    5. NO tax on USED goods
    6. NO tax on BUSINESS purchases
    7. Embedded taxes (payroll, corporate income taxes) on goods and services GONE
    8. Tax rate of 23% equal to existing embedded taxes so cost of goods and services DON'T INCREASE
    9. Taxpayers choose how much tax they wish to pay by moderating their spending habits!
  2. Prebate of sales taxes equal to 23% of poverty level for every legal household so no legal citizen pays sales taxes at that level. [Idea: change the IRS into TRS (Tax Refund Service) that keeps records on households which voluntarily sign up for the rebate].
  3. Retail stores and service providers collect tax (paid for this service), who give it to states (paid for this service),  who give it to federal treasury.
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