THE 2014 VoteKISS Federal Contract 

I, _______________, candidate for the federal office of (Senator, House) in the state of ____________, do hereby contract with VoteKISS that if I am elected I will ONLY perform the following official actions:

1.        I will vote YES for the 28th US Constitutional Amendment proposal as written in final form by November 1, 2014 [click here to view the latest version of this amendment].
2.        I will vote YES to repeal the unconstitutional law 111-148 popularly entitled “Obamacare” and vote YES to replace it with the bill entitled “Health Care Reform Bill 2015" as written in final form by November 1, 2014 [click here to view the latest version of this bill].
3.        I will vote YES to House bill H__/Senate bill S__ popularly entitled “The Fairtax Bill” replacing all federal income taxes with a national retail sales tax on all new goods and services, eliminating the Internal Revenue Service and its 70,000 pages of code [click here to view the latest information about the Fairtax bill].
4.        I will vote NO on all other bills that propose changes to the federal government, including any appropriations of money, until AT LEAST the first action has passed both Houses of Congress by a two thirds vote. I will then vote YES on other bills if they are absolutely necessary for the federal government to continue normal function.
5.       I will spend the majority of my official time in office managing a constituent help line and a fraud hot line, researching and resolving problems with the federal government in my district.

 I will not launch nor raise funds for a campaign promoting my candidacy as an individual; if asked about my personal life and/or opinions I will only reply "It's not about me, it's about the bills"; only VoteKISS approved materials will be used for petition and voting drives.

 I understand that this contract is binding for the free use of the VoteKISS logo and trademark; if I choose to break the contract by voting or acting other than as agreed I shall be obligated to pay VoteKISS a penalty of up to 20% of my gross congressional salary per incident as well as loss of the use of the VoteKISS logo and trademark, at the discretion of VoteKISS.

I hereby affirm that I am a United States citizen at least 25 years old (for U.S. House) or 30 years old (for U.S. Senate); that I am a registered voter in the district I am planning to represent; that I speak, read, and write fluent English; and that I have basic computer literacy skills.

 Signed this day of _________________  Signature of candidate: __________________________________

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